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Welcome to NHCA

Online Educational Portal

Whether we are learning in the classroom or online, education has no limits!
We are excited to be able to offer our students with an online platform where they can continue their studies. 

Mrs. Miller


Prepackaged School Supply Kits
Ms. Velasquez


Children Reading the Holy Bible
Mrs. Gamboa


Kids Painting
Mrs. Vazquez

1st Grade

Cute Girl in Classroom
Mrs. Garcia

2nd Grade

Mrs. Velez

3rd Grade

Good Grades
Mrs. Factor

4th Grade

Education Books Bookshelves
Mr. Velez

5th Grade

Teacher Helping Student
Mrs. Ibarra

6th & 7th Grade

Mrs. Garcia

8th Grade

Adult Students
Mr. Garza

9th & 10th Grade

Math and Geometry Tools
Mrs. Mendez

11th & 12th Grade

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