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New Harvest Christian Academy offers a sound basic education from a Christian perspective. 

Your child will benefit from:

  • Relevant, Christ-centered Alpha-Omega Curriculum, Saxon, Abeka

  • Daily Bible Study

  • High Academic Standards

  • Safe and nurturing learning environment

  • Small class sizes 

  • Traditional school year

  • Highly qualified teachers who continually work to increase student performance

  • Transferring of credits from previous school

  • Concurrent enrollment with TAMIU and Laredo College for high school students

We acknowledge that every student enters the educational system with a unique background sytem with a unique background, special attributes and needs; therefore, we believe in providing the necessary educatinal experience based on God's Word, to prepare them for a purposeful life.


New Harvest Christian Academy uses a Christ-centered curriculum which will develop students spiritually and intellectually and encourage social and moral values.  

New Harvest Christian Academy believes our educational system should enhance the Godly Christian American way of life for every individual child.  This will allow each child the opportunity to succeed spiritually and academically by striving to attain their fullest potential. ​

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